Mersing District in Malaysia

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Mersing is one of the towns that make up Mersing District in Malaysia. The town acts as a gateway to nature. It also acts as an entrance to traditional culture in this part of the country. Although it is a tiny semi-tourist town, Mersing has grown in popularity as one of the access points to Pulau Tioman.

View-from-the-jetty-out-to-sea-About-Mersing-FeatureA ferry ride from Mersing to Pulau Tioman is one of the most enjoyable, memorable and adventurous activities you can embark on while in this part of Malaysia. A ferry ride from Mersing to Pulau Tioman is one of the most affordable means of transport or travel that you can choose between the two locations.

Tioman Island is in Pahang, which is one of the Malaysian states. The island consists of eight main villages, which have proven popular with tourists and locals alike over the years. Embarking on the ferry ride to Pulau Tioman to visit the villages is a great way to spend time alone or with family and friends.

Hi-Speed Ferry Services

Choose a hi-speed ferry as the means of traveling from Mersing to Pulau Tioman. Book your ticket online for an opportunity of saving some money. Booking online comes with instant confirmation, which you need to make planning the itinerary and other crucial details of your vacation a much easier process.

You can only enjoy all the benefits, which includes paying the right price for the ferry ticket, by booking online. Typically, you have to pay between RM35 and RM30 for each adult and child respectively. Remember that the ticket fare is for only one way.

If you do not like booking the tickets online, then be ready to wait until you get to the ferry terminal. What you pay at the ferry terminal for each ticket is much different from the money that you spend on the tickets online.

Most companies that provide the hi-speed ferry services between Mersing and Pulau Tioman provide travelers with the option of paying through credit cards. The only acceptable credit cards are MasterCard and Visa Card.

You can book fast, safely and securely thus eliminating waste of time while guaranteeing privacy.

Open Return Ticket

In case you are not sure about the exact date when you will make the trip back to Mersing from Pulau Tioman, feel free to pay for an open return ticket. The open return ticket only expires once you have used it, and not a minute or a day earlier. Moreover, you can book as earlier as you want.

A ferry ride from Mersing to Pulau Tioman lasts between 1hr 30mins and 2 hours. Without making any stop along the way, the ferry ride would be much shorter. The fact that the ferry ride makes several stops along the way is excellent news because it provides the opportunity to see:

  • a) Genting
  • b) Paya
  • c) Tekek
  • d) ABC
  • e) Panuba
  • f) Salang Jetties

Pulau Tioman is a sunny isle. The best way to travel to the sunny isle is through ferry ride, especially a hi-speed ferry ride. The ferries that ply this route are not only fast and efficient, but also fully air conditioned and comfortable.

Fun Ride In Singapore

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Singapore is one of the popular places for the tourists. Throughout the year every month there are many travelers from different parts of the world. There are many spots which are eye catching to the tourists. When the travelers are planning to make a trip to this place, they should rent a car for the site scene. Here are some basic facts on easybook Singapore car rental so that the travelers will be able to get the useful information on the travel in this famous place.

The travelers have huge option from wide range of cars

The Singapore car rental service providers offer wide range of the cars to the travelers. The travelers can choose the car according to the need. There are sedans, SUV, luxury cars, and so on which can be chosen by the travelers. If the travelers will choose the sots which are far from the hotel, then the SUV is preferable. The cars have integrated GPS system to make the travel easier and smooth.

What are the driving rules in Singapore?


Choosing the best car is not the ultimate solution to travel in an unknown place. The people should know the specific driving rules for this city or place, such as – here cars are driven on the left side of the road, cars cannot turn left when the signal is red, there are different speed limits on the roads – be careful, use of cell phone is strictly prohibited during driving. Most of the reliable car rental service providers follow the driving rules strictly so that the travelers will not face any hassle.

Proper car should be chosen

When someone is going to rent a car in Singapore, he or she should choose the proper car according to the requirement.

  • If the travelers will travel with their family, then the Hatchback cars are preferable to get more space.
  • If someone is looking for a fuel efficient car then sedan is the best choice.
  • There are luxury sedans which are preferable for the travelers who want to travel in ultimate relaxation.
  • The most important thing is the price. The traveler should compare the price of the rent before selecting the car.

The best tips to get the cars in reasonable price

Here are some tips to get the best service at reasonable price:

  • The traveler should compare the rent charges and do extensive research on the various car rental service providers in Singapore.
  • The person can get the best price if the car will be booked early.
  • The tourists should avoid the weekends and the eves to keep away from high rental charges.
  • There are many service providers who offer discounted prices. The travelers should gather information on this.

Driving To Thailand

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Southeast Asia has so much to provide in terms of tourism that at times it becomes difficult for tourists like us to decide which place to choose for our next vacation. Well, a lot has already been said about Singapore and Malaysia, but there is another country that falls under the same line. The popularity of Thailand has grown more so in the recent years and it is not difficult to justify the reason behind this. Not only is the country culturally rich, it has a great appeal in terms of its natural beauty as well.

Now the best part is we can book car rental online @ A globally renowned place located to the south of the country, is Phuket which can be an ultimate destination for your vacations. The place has everything from breathtaking landscapes, to one of the finest beaches, great food, and good activities. There are some beautiful hotels also in the area which will take care of your other comforts as well. Phuket is also popular for its lifestyle at night, when the whole place becomes much more active. You can surely look forward to a great stay here in Phuket.

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is itself a great place of interest for tourism. It is popular and a huge tourist attraction mainly for its water houses and markets. The floating houses and vegetable markets are really a treat to the eyes. It will provide you surely a lifetime experience.


The national park at Tarutao Marine (picture right) is another spot you shouldn’t miss on your trip to Thailand. If you are a student of zoology or a researcher in botany, then it’s obvious that you will fall in love with this place. But with commoners like us also, the place has a lot to offer in terms of its wild collection of animals and variety in plantations.

There are places for lovers of art and architectures as well. The palace of Suan Pakkad has a magnificent collection in art and you will really like the lifestyle in this place, where even the houses has a traditional touch to it.

There is no end to the list of temples in Thailand or more specifically in Bangkok. However, if you want to visit one among these many, you should choose Wat Arun. The contemporary design and architecture of the temple has made it a great attraction for tourists all over the world. The Buddhist temple is not only beautiful in sight but shall also provide you a backdrop of the life of Lord Buddha.

You can get to know in details about Bangkok from its national museum which is another place that you should visit. Not only shall you know a great deal about the place in different time periods, you shall also be able to collect some artifacts and souvenirs as part of your trip to Thailand.

If you are an adventure freak, don’t miss the fun of trekking in Chiang Mai. It is a popular base for trekking and provides some beautiful regions comprising of mountains and jungles to walk along.

Amazing Fishing in Asian

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Malaysia is a country which falls in the South-Eastern Asian region. The country is slowly becoming one of the superpowers in Asia, and also around the world.


As soon as we booked our tickets to Kuala Lumpur, we were sure that we were in for a treat. Malaysia has loads to offer in terms of modern and technological wonders, as well as traditional hotspots. In fact if you are the religious type, then the country is full of religious places too; so you can easily give your faith another chance when you are here holidaying your heart out. The country is also famous for its ferry rides, and you can get a ferry too. The ferry rides are memorable to say the least.

When you are done with KL, it is recommended that your next destination should be Penang. Penang is around 350 KMS from KL, and you easily take a car ride or even a flight to reach there. Once in Penang, first go for the Bukit Bendera (the cable car) which will directly take you up to the Penang Hill. You can also try the street food once you are in Penang, after which you can take a splendid round trip on the Ferry from Penang ferry terminal to the Langkawi. You can also explore Langkawi thanks to it, and the ferry ride itself is very refreshing and mind-blowing. You can even book the ferry tickets online.